STATISTICS - regarding negative population relate to Japan

The following statistical questions relate to your booklet " The Meiji Era and Policies for Modernization" (please note my highlights and notes within the text)
1. Using the information on the restoration pp.258 - 264 explain the bar graph at the bottom of p.261
2. Using Excel could present this information in another format. Please state the format you plan to use and insert the pie chart, line chart, histogram or other chart or graph format on your own page within this wiki.
3. Like parts of the U.K. Japan went through Industrialisation rapidly. However Japan's Industrialisation was later than the U.K. Read the section titled "Economic policies and the beginnings of Industrialisation" p.p. 270- 280. Using Excel, graph (using a different graph format for each) the following statistics:
  • the Japanese merchant ship statistics at the top of p. 273
  • the amount of railway track p.274
  • gold and silver production p.274
  • land tax paid p.277
Use this resource to help you with graphing - maybe it is better than Excel - explore and find out!

Enjoy this activitiy!
Ms. Cheney

FOLLOW - UP for Friday the 11th of June,2010.
What was the easiest program to use in relation to displaying statistics? Why?
What would you like a graphing programme to do for you that you currently cannot access?
Please write your answers to these questions on your own page at the end of the Meiji Japan graph activities.