Scarlet Pimpernel -Themes and Symbols- Raqeen, Manatsu
Addition to Scarlet Pimpernel- Themes and Symbols- Aaron, Adi, Nao

  • SURVIVAL - Because it is the French Revolution, they have to find a way to escape from France to England.
  • DISCIPLINE - Bibot ( mainly ) follows the orders given to him.
  • FREEDOM - They want freedom from the French Revolution. They don't want to be killed through the guillotine.
  • NOBILITY VS. THE MASSES- The peasants are fighting against the nobility for freedom.
  • DISGUISE- The Scarlet Pimpernel is in disguise to rescue the Aristocrats.

Jane Seymour as Marguerite
Jane Seymour as Marguerite
Anthony Andrews as Sir Percy
Anthony Andrews as Sir Percy

  • ROMANCE- Sir Percy and Marguerite are in love with each other.
  • BETRAYAL- Sir Percy betrayed his wife, Marguerite but not believing that there were circumstances behind what she inadvertently did.
  • REFUSAL- Marguerite refuses to help Chauvelin find out who the Scarlet Pimpernell really is.
  • LOYALTY- Being loyal to your country and its people.
  • TRAITOR- Betraying your country and it's people.
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  • SCARLET PIMPERNEL- Truth, hero, lover and a phantom. He represents freedom and survival. The Scarlet Pimpernel is represented as an eagle. A rich and noble man. A very smart man and he plans before taking action.
  • THE FISHERMAN'S REST- It resembles an area where fisher-folks rest. It represents the resting area for Aristocrats in England.
  • GUILLOTINE - The guillotine represents death to the Aristocrats and the revolt of the Republicans.

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  • CHAUVELIN - Clever, sneaky, betrayer and shrewd looking. He is represented as a fox. He also represents jealousy.
  • APPEARENCE VS REALITY - Sir Percy disguises him self as the Scarlet Pimpernel, to rescue King Louis XVI' son and others from excecution and ending up being killed through the guillotine.
  • ANTI-SEMITISM - The Scarlet Pimpernel was a Jew. At the end of the book, the Scarlet Pimpernel disguises himself as a Jew because the French Revolutionary didn't like the Jews. Because of that, they let him escape to England.
  • FRANCE- The French motto: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, that the colors on the French flag represent.
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  • Goes against Equality in the "Scarlet Pimpernell" because the people are not equal. The Republicans were being treated unfairly by the Republicans at first, and so the Republicans revolt against the Aristocrats, and that is not practicing liberty at all.