By------------> Naomi, Mari and Michael

Scarlet Pimpernel Setting
  • about late 1700s to early 1800s
pg.1 " Paris: September, 1792"
  • French Revolution- Lots of people are Scared and Frightened
pg.2 "Every aristocrats was a traitor...the people had sweated, and toiled, and starved..."
  • Hard to get to England from France because most Cities are well Gaurded.
Pg3: "To catch an Aristocrat in the very act of trying to flee from the engeance of the peopl..."
  • Fisher Man`s Rest
pg. "That Mr.Jellyband, Landlord of the Fisher Man`s Rest, Dover"

  • In England, Harvest/
pg.15 "Near the end of 1792...Brilliant and Hot through-out the month... suddenly broken up..."

  • In Dover, Cliff Side, Near Fisher Man`s Rest
pg.64-70 "They had reached the edge of the Cliff..."

  • Cliff Side---->Fisher Man`s Rest, Lady Blakeny and Chauvelin.
pg.75-->84 "Have you ever heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel?..Lud, My blue dress which I bought was called
the Scarlet Pimpernel."

  • Fisher Man`s Rest
pg.90-92 Sir Andrew and Lord antony gets Captured by Chauvelin`s friends
"Lord Antony walks towards the door and swung it open....the snake like figure jumped upon Sir Andrew, it all had
happened in a couple of seconds..."

  • Opera House
pg. 93-110: Lady Blackeny meets Lord Grenville and Chauvlin.
"Lord Grenville- Foriegn Secretart of State...A word with you, citoyenne..."

  • Lord Grenville`s ball
pg.113: Lady Blakeny agree`s to Try and Find out who the S.P is for Chauvlin
"Chauvling has sworn to his colleges in Paris that he would discover the identity of the meddlesome Englishman....."
  • Lord Grenville`s Ball
pg.119-124: L.Blakeney follows and seduces Sir Andrew.
"She followed him into the little boundir room...A slip of paper was in his hands..."