Scarlet Pimpernel Characters ---------------------------> By: Ayato, Coe, Alex

Scarlet Pimpernel- An Englishman who helps the french aristocrats espace from the revolutionaries. He's very precise and clever enough to fool the revolutionaries.

Percy Blakeney- A rich, noble man who is the husband of Marguerite. People think he is a fool, but in fact he is a very man.

Marguerite- Wife of Percy Blakeney. Comes from France. Used to be friends with Chauvelin.

Sneaky man, described as a fox. He works for France. He is sent from France to find out who the Scarlet Pimpernel is.

Armand- Brother of Marguerite. He is in lead with the Scarlet Pimpernel. Armand is captured by Chauvelin, but the Scarlet Pimpernel rescues him.

Bibot- A person who guards the West Gate of Paris and prevents the aristos from escaping.

Jellyband- Owner of the "Fisherman's rest" He is the father of Sally. Very happy and jovial.

Sally- Daughter of Mr.Jellyband. She works as a bar maid. Mr.Jellyband wants her to own the Fisherman's Rest.

Mr.Hempseed- He is a friend of Jellyband. They argue all the time but that shows they are true friends.

Lord Antony- One of the members of the league. He drops by the Fishermans Rest a lot. Tall, popular and jovial.

Sir Andrew - One of the members of the league. Friends with Lord Antony. Likes Suzanne.

Comtesse de Tournay- A french aristocrat rescued by the Scarlet Pimpernel. Her husband is left behind. She does not like margeurite becuase she think margeurite caused her family to go to the guillotine.

Suzanne - The daughter of the Comtesse de Tournay.

Vicomte - The son of the Comtesse de Tournay.