biwa-hoshi- Lute Priests who earned their income by reciting vocal literature to the accompaniment of biwa music.
acolyte- An alter attendant in public worship
retainers- A servent or attendant who has served a family for many years
conjecture- The formation or expression of an opinion or theory without sufficient evidence for proof
reticence- Be silent or to not speak freely
bewitched- Magical powers
sutra- Writings from Buddha

Ghost story assignment:
There was a family in Kyoto who was very rich and belonged in an aristocratic family. The son, Munehiko was a lazy man who spent almost all his life playing Igo (game similar checkers) with his friends. The father was just like his son but after his wife passed, he spends the rest of his life drinking and flirting with the beautiful women in the house. Musuhiko, Munehiko’s brother was a young man who happened to always leave the house and come back at dawn.
One day, his father, as always brought a woman inside the house. Her name was Kiku, which meant chrysanthemum. She had pale and smooth skin and was very quiet. Instantly both of their sons fell in love with her. Musuhiko was curious to know who she really was.
“Father, where did you get such a beautiful women?”
“She was wondering in front of the house. I cannot leave her all alone; I might as well take her to our wonderful home. Come Kiku, you must not be dressed in such horrible clothes. Please change in to this Jyuuni-hitoe (clothing that the aristocrats wore during Heian period). It will look a lot better on you than those clothes. Ladies help her!”
Kiku changed from her dirty clothes in to the beautiful jyuuni-hitoe with the help from the women. She looked beautiful than all the other women the men have ever met. All the women were jealous when they saw her.
“Thank you, Mr. Miyamoto. I am very glad to stay here until my father returns. It is such a wonderful honor, but there is one thing I want you not to do.”
“What is it dear?”
“I do not want you wondering or going near my room, even if I do not come out for many hours.”
“Strange? Why is that?”
“Please, I beg you not to ask. I do not want to see anyone’s silhouette in front of my room.”
As she shut the shoji, the men stared at each other freakishly as if she did not know what she was talking about. Musuhiko felt suspicious about Kiku. He decided that the tomorrow night, he will find out what Kiku would be doing inside her room without being caught.
That night, the father was drinking and singing loudly to the women around him. Women were screaming for him. Musuhiko went towards Kiku’s room. As he took his steps, he would make a creaking noise. One step at a time he would move closer and closer towards the room. He slightly opened the door and there he saw something that he saw something unexpected. As he was about to shut the door, the unexpected creature looked back and met Musuhiko’s eyes. There, he tried to scream from the top of his lungs, but it was too late. He had disappeared.
The next morning, the father was worried about Musuhiko. He went all over town to look for him. He came back home with a disappointed look on his face.
“Oh, Musuhiko, where could you go? Why would you have run away? I am sorry for what I have done. If only your mother had lived a little longer...”
The lady who was inside the house tried to cheer him up.
“Please my handsome man, do not cry? Your wife will be very upset if you say such horrible things. At least you have me here now.”
Kiku saw them from a far but she did not mention anything. All she could do was stare at them and to not say a word about what happened that night. The father saw her staring at them. As soon as their eyes met, she moved swiftly as a mouse and went back to her room. The father felt positive that Kiku might have killed his son. He made a decision that once Munehiko was asleep, he would go to her room and send her out of his house.
That night, he went to Kiku’s room without caring about what she said in the beginning. As he slammed the shoji opened and right before he could shout, he disappeared instantly.
The next day, Munehiko was shocked to hear the news from Kiku.
“Father went to Nara to visit mother’s grave? He should be back home by now.”
“I am sorry to tell you this young man, but your father is not coming back. He told me that he felt very guilty for what he has done after your mother died. He swore to himself that he will stay by her grave for the rest of his life and he is terribly sorry to leave you behind. I wanted to tell you this as soon as he left but he said that you would stop him. Your father has told me that I shall take over this house, I asked all the women to leave now. I hope I am not taking too much control over you.”
She left swiftly without listening to what Munehiko was about say. Munehiko could not accept this. Without regret he shouted.
“Kiku, I immediately want you to leave! You are not to live in this house! ”
Kiku looked back at him angrily,
“You saw me through my room did you? You are just like your father and your brother! You did not listen to me did you?”
From the beautiful woman he saw, she transformed in to the unexpected creature, the Jikininki, a man eating creature. The jikininki was white and had red eyes, long bony fingers and it was thin but muscular. Munehiko was shocked to see this transformation.
“Kiku, I did was never close to your room! You are a liar! You are lying to me Kiku! You horrible, disgusting monster, how dare you lie to me! I order you to leave immediately!”
“You fool; you think you are better than me just because you’re rich? If only your brother and father had listened to me in the first place, none of this would have happened. Your father is a stupid man. Spending the rest of his life with other women and not caring about his sons and you accepted that? How will your mother in heaven feel? You are a monster! I must not leave you here alone; you are going to telling everyone about me. Now, I shall eat your alive! Any last words you want to say young man? ”
“I apologize about my brother and father for not listening to you and for cheating on my mother, but please do not eat me! I am innocent, I have done nothing wrong!”
Before he could finish his last sentence, the jikininki took Munehiko and ate him all up. Later she transformed back to the beautiful woman. There was a knock.
“Excuse me miss. I just heard someone screaming? Is there anything wrong?”
“No mister. I was just having a fight with my brother. There is nothing to worry about.”
She shut the door. She knew that she could no longer stay in this palace anymore; she changed back in to her dirty clothes and moved. After Kiku left people did not know where the Miyamoto family went and it is still a mystery to the neighborhood and all over the city.

The following statistical questions relate to your booklet " The Meiji Era and Policies for Modernization" (please note my highlights and notes within the text)
1. Using the information on the restoration pp.258 - 264 explain the bar graph at the bottom of p.261
This graph indicates institutions or groups that benefited or destroyed by the Meiji Restoration. The Meiji Era then was a time of transition and eliberate transformation in responce to the West. To the Japanese, being "modern" in the second half of the 19th century meant having an economic system of industiral capitalism and a political system of liberal or quasiliberal constitutionalism as in the United Sates and a number of European countries. This graph shows what groups or institutions benefited during the Restoration such as National Learning. This also shows what groups or instituions eclipsed by the Restoration. For an example, before the Restoration Chiense Learning was becoming influenced but after the Restoration, the Chinese Learnings failed and the Japanese wanted National and Dutch Learning instead.

2. Using Excel could present this information in another format. Please state the format you plan to use and insert the pie chart, line chart, histogram or other chart or graph format on your own page within this wiki.

3. Like parts of the U.K. Japan went through Industrialisation rapidly. However Japan's Industrialisation was later than the U.K. Read the section titled "Economic policies and the beginnings of Industrialisation" p.p. 270- 280. Using Excel, graph (using a different graph format for each) the following statistics:

  • the Japanese merchant ship statistics at the top of p. 273

  • the amount of railway track p.274

  • gold and silver production p.274

  • land tax paid p.277

Follow up questions:

1) What was the easiest program to use in relation to displaying statistics? Why?
I found that Excel was easy for me to use. This is because I was able to find rows, cells and columns easily. Pressing the "Insert" menu, I was able to find different types of graphs such as bar graph, pie graph and other graphs. Some of the things I found it hard to use for excel was formating the axis for the graphs. I had a lot of trouble going through this and it took me the whole class just to finish two graphs.

2) What would you like a graphing programme to do for you that you currently cannot access?
I wish the graphing program can automatically graph the data I put. From there if I wish to make additions or edit the graph the way I want it to be such as color, the type of graph and its axis.