biwa-hoshi - traveling performers who played biwa music.

acolyte - one who assists the celebrant in performence.

retainers - servant.

conjecture - the interpertation of omens and signs.

reticence - reluctant or restrained.

bewitched - spooked, mystified.

sutra - any of the sermons of buddha bewitched.

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Project B
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Project C
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1. This graph shows about the groups that initiated or directly profited from the Restoration and groups that were destroyed or eclipsed by the Restoration.

2. Graph on Page 261
I am going to use pie chart.

3. Modern Ships in Japan

4. Amount of Railway Track

5. Amount of Gold and Silver Mined

6. Land Tax

Follow Up Questions
What was the easiest program to use in relation to displaying statistics? Why?
Microsoft Excel was the easiest because it's very simple and you can make lots of different types of graphs quickly and very easily. These makes the excel best.
What would you like a graphing programme to do for you that you currently cannot access?
Possibly more types of the graphs and if it was easier to change the graph layouts then it would be easier to match our needs.