Yesterday we summarised the happenings within the last five chapters. We discovered that (as always) you need to read actively, you need to try and work out how characters are feeling, what they are doing and if this matches the words on the page. Last night you read the rest of "Calais". Margarite finds herself in a "...most dilapidated, most squalid room..." Why? Why is it ironic that "Liberte-Egalite-Fraternite" would be written up in such a horrible place? What comment is Baroness Orczy making when she says at the end of this chapter "But a free-born French citizen is never in any hurry to answer questions: Brogard took his time, then he said very slowly,-" ?

Pre-read these words:
cure -- senior parish priest
imminence - soon
fugitives - people fleeing
emissaries - agents or representatives
imperilled - at risk of dying
preposterous - absurd, silly
impasse - deadlock
reconnaissance - checking ahead
salvo - outburst
peremptorily - commanding

Read in character the chapter:
Sir Andrew - Adi
Marguerite - Nao
Brogard - Louis

Why is Maguerite hopeful at the beginning of this chapter? Where does she find herself at the end of the chapter? How does the Baroness build suspense by the end of this chapter?