F.451 Characters

Montag. "Guy Montag was a fireman...fires" -back of the book-
Mildred. "Mildred kicked at a book...book arent people. You read...there isnt anybody." -pg.73-
Beatty "At least once in his career every fireman gets an itch...and the book says nothing...nothing you can teach or believe." -pg.62-
Faber. "The old man admitted to being a retired english professor...his name was Faber." -pg.74&75-
Mechanical hound. "The mechanical hound slept but it did not sleep., lived but did not live..." -pg.24-
Clarisse. " I am still crazy. The rain feels good." -pg.21-
The old woman in the house. "Play the man, Master Ridley;... put out" -pg.36-
Mrs.Phelps. "Mrs.Phelps was crying." -pg.100
Mr. and Mrs Black "Goodnight... thought" p.130