Discussion point three
how do books represnt us (humans)?

Maiko: it shows people’s opinion. eg: if a person wants the world to know something, then they can write about it in a book.

Isabella: it shows the past of humans, and also feelings that humans might have. eg: if people are sad, they can write books about sad things.
John: no, because there are other things that can represents humans. eg: culture, environment, old caves that have drawings on them,
Raqeen: It shows the personality of him/her, the people’s choices and what their interests are depending on the types of books. Another one is that it represents of what they think like in the real world. For example, if the book contains a story about adventures, that person likes adventures and is adventurest. The second example is that, if a person reads a book which is about ghosts and spirits that means that this person believe in ghosts and maybe are afraid of it....