biwa hoshi is also known as lute priests which were travelling performers in the era of japanese history preceding the Meiji period. They earned their income by reciting vocal literature to the accompaniment of biwa music. Often blind, they adopted the shaved heads and robes common to Buddhist monks. This occupation likely had its origin in China and India, where blind Buddhist lay-priest performers were once common.

an acolyte is anyone who performs ceremonial duties such as lighting altar candles. In other Christian Churches, the term is more specifically used for one who wishes to attain clergyhood.

a servant, especially one who has worked for a person or family for a long time.

a proposition that is unproven but appears correct and has not been disproven. Karl Popper pioneered the use of the term "conjecture" in scientific philosophy. Conjecture is contrasted by hypothesis which is a testable statement based on accepted grounds. In mathematics, a conjecture is an unproven proposition or theorem that appears correct

not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily

to cast a spell over to someone.

a collection of aphorisms relating to some aspect of the conduct of life.



Emperor Meiji
Ito Hirobumi

Fukuzawa Yukichi

Saigo Takamori


Sino War

The Three Shogun Ayato Yamamura

It was seriously scary happening. This happening occurred during Azuchi-Momoyama period. When Shogun Oda was having a nice calm night and his guard which was guarding Oda’s house they heard a scream which was bursting into their ears immediately. As everybody woke up, they cautiously checked each room and at the last last room they saw a woman dead which was naked and her intestines and her lungs were torn out. As everybody saw the dead woman everybody freaked out because of the grotesque and what was more, it was Oda’s wife. Oda freaked out as well and told the guards and his servants to clean the room.
The next day the same thing happened in the land which was ruled by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. During a nice calm night Toyotomi heard a laud scream which shrieked into his ears. As Toyotomi gathered everyone into the living room they check each room if anything wrong had happened, so they check each room and what they found next to Toyotomi room was a dead woman which her intestines and her lungs were torn out. Toyotomi also freaked out and he was a scary cat so after a while he couldn’t get out of his bed.
After Oda heard about this happening he told his servants to tell Tokugawa Ieyasu to be careful because the same thing might happen. First Tokugawa ignored because Oda was his enemy. So the next day Tokugawa didn’t think of anything and slept, and at that night nothing had happened. As Oda and Toyotomi had known that nothing had happened they thought why?
“It has happened to us but why doesn’t it happen to Tokugawa.”
As they thought for a while Oda and Toyotomi had made decision that they will have a meeting at Honoji temple, but Toyotomi disagreed. That is because they were enemies and Toyotomi thought that Oda was going to kill him and make Toyotomi army work for him. The next day again Oda and Toyotomi heard and scream which made them scare out, and they found out that again it was a woman and her intestines and her lungs were torn out.
Toyotomi couldn’t understand anymore and agreed the meeting with Oda at Honoji Temple. At the meeting both Oda and Toyotomi brought 200 hundred army with them and told them to wait outside to guard. As they talked with each other they finally came up with an answer that it was Tokugawa’s work. So they chose to start a war, and with Oda army and Toyotomi army it will equal 50,000 samurais. As they attacked Tokugawa’s castle they had noticed that secretly Ieyasu had ran away. As they killed all Tokugawa’s army they chased everywhere around and finally found out that he was living close in a village near his abolished castle. At night when Tokugawa had his carelessness inside his heart, and slept calm, the Oda and Toyotomi army burned down the village and finally found Tokugawa burned dead.
As they killed Tokugawa, Oda and Toyotomi army felt a relief and went back to their castle happily. But the killing hadn’t ended. After that night another woman was killed and her intestines and her lungs were torn out. But Oda felt something strange and as he went around the room he had noticed that there was a message that said “I am still alive don’t think that I’m dead.” Oda felt strange because he didn’t know who this massage was to and who was it from also he should of killed Tokugawa. So he went to Toyotomi again and told him if it was his fault or someone else. Toyotomi answered “it wasn’t my fault… it wasn’t…it wasn’t.” Oda felt strange that he told his shinobi to follow the track of Toyotomi.
Few days after, Oda’s shinobi came back. The shinobi came back with great news. Shinobi told Oda that it was all Toyotomi’s fault and Tokugawa didn’t do anything at all. Oda got extremely angry that he told his slaves to get all samurais ready and told them that we are going to have a war. Samurais got ready instantly and came to the gate of Toyotomi’s castle.
As they started shooting arrows inside the castle nearly half of the Toyotomi army had died because they wanted to runaway but the outside area was surrounded by Oda army so if they ran out it means that they are going to get chopped of their head which means they will die.

After a few minutes Toyotomi army were killed and nothing but a wall was standing still. Toyotomi killed himself after he had noticed that Oda Nobunaga came and by the time war had started it had chosen that Oda army had won.
As they happily went back to their own land. The villagers were happy and cheered until Oda went back to his castle. At that night Oda had some party with everyone and had a fun night. But the killing hadn’t ended. Oda somehow was dead as his wife woke up in the evening.

Statistics: charts and graph

1.the bar graph on pg 261 show different types of institution or group that benefited from the Restoration. It is comparing eachother to see which one was better and and the other to see how badly it was destroyed or abolished by Meiji Restoration. This transition or a change affected many groups such as Edo Bakufu and Fudai Han

2.using the pie chart

Japanese merchant ships. pg 273

The amount of railroads. pg274

tax payments. pg 274

gold and silver productions. pg 274

Follow Up Questions
What was the easiest program to use in relation to displaying statistics? Why?
i found Microsoft Excel is the easiest program to use in relation to displaying statistics because when yo want bar graph and pie chart the key to the
bar graph and pie chart is in color so it easy to use, and there are varieties of different types of graph so it fun to use aswell

What would you like a graphing programme to do for you that you currently cannot access?
i wish that the graphing programme can do what we want automatically so that we don't have to fix the colors and the font. so just think about what you want and then it just pops up for you.