Animal Farm - Group Two

  • Napoleon-: A pig who rules the farm after Mr. Jones leaves and Snowball is kicked out. He's a complete dictator. He starts sleeping in beds, starts to drink whiskey (a type of alcohol) and starts making everyone respect him and do everything he says. He starts working with Mr Frederick even though Mr Frederick is ripping him off by giving him fake money. He pretty much turns into a human at the end of the book because he starts breaking the rules of the commandments that Old Major made before he died. He also started changing the commandments. For example, one of the commandments before was, "Don't sleep in a bed." But then Napoleon changed it to, "Don't sleep in a bed without sheets." He forces and threatens other animals to work for him. Later in the book he starts to walk on his hind legs. He symbolizes Stalin, a communist millitary leader in Soviet Union.
  • Snowball-: A pig who gets chased out of the farm by Napoleon's dogs. He makes Napoleon mad because Snowball was disagreeing with Napoleon about the windmill idea and he got kicked out of the farm, because Napolean didn't want the power to be divided. Napoleon and Snowball were always disagreeing with each other and Napoleon was afraid that snowball will take over. He needed Snowball to leave so that he can have a lot more control over the animals in animal farm since some animals were on Snowball's side, agreeing with Snowball's ideas. Snowball is more of a smarter character who makes smarter choices. He tried to give animals freedom by planning out the windmill. The character symbolizes Trotsky, a Soviet leader, kicked out of the Soviet Union and murdered by Stalin.
  • Old Major- The pig who was like a ruler to the other animals in the farm. One night, he spoke about the seven commandments for the animals to share (pg 43) He also spoke about his dream that he had then taught a song for everyone to sing. Later on, he dies. ( In the book, he died peacefully in his sleep the next day, but in the movie he got shot by Mr Jones accidently when Old Major was telling all the animals about his dream and got shot by Mr Jones who was drunk. ) The book also says he got burried in the ground but in the movie, Old Major got chopped up with a knife and his bones were removed. In the movie, you can see the part where the butcher gives a big bone of Old Major to Jessie. He is the first animal to convice all the other animal. He gives hope to all animals, and teaches them all animals all equal. The animals start a revolution against Mr.Jones after a meeting with Old Major the night beofre. His real name was Willingdon Beauty (?)
  • Clover- Clover is one of the two cart-horses ( with Boxer ). He works in the animal farm throughout the whole novel, when most of the other animals died. Later in the novel, he is respected and looked upto by all the other horses in the farm. Although he was always down on things after Boxer was slaughtered, he took full responsibility of Boxer's job.
  • Jessie- Jessie is one of the three dogs in the book that helps a lot of the animals ( with Bluebell and Pincher ) She is the first one to know that pigs are becoming like humans. Jessie cares for other animals and tries to help them out. However, Jessie finds out that pigs are sleeping in beds, drinking alcohol, contacting with humans, etc. In the movie she tries to tell all the other animals that they should escape the farm while they can, where as in the novel Jessie dies as time passes in the animal farm. Jessie had puppies in the story, but sadly, the puppies were taken away and were in training so Jessie couldn't see her puppies.
  • Mollie- A horse who was obsessed with ribbons and are into humans. ( Superficial, brattish, traitor ) She wants to do anything she wants(?) When doing work, she couldn't get up in the mornings, and left work early. She complained and didn't do the work properly. Because she was into humans and didn't like working so much at the farm, she dissapeared (left the farm) but no one really cared since she wasn't helping the other animals much.
  • Moses- A tame raven. He's also Mr Jones' special pet. He's a spy and a very clever talker. He announces what happens because he's voice is very loud and he can fly quickly from one place to another.
  • Boxer-: He is one of the two horses in the farm. He is the strongest animal in animal farm, and he works the hardest among all the other animals, throughout the novel. Boxer put alot of efforts and time into building the windmill. He woke up earlier than other animals for extra work on the windmill. He firmly believes that Comrade Napolean is always right, and for the animal farm, he volunteers for hard work and challenges himself to work harder. Later in the novel Boxer gets sick from working too hard for the farm. Napolean relieves the worried animals that Boxer will be sent to a hospital. When Boxer is sent away, Muriel, the donkey, finds out that it was a place for horse slaughters, not a hospital. After working so hard for the farm and his comrades to his death, Boxer is cruelly killed by Napolean's orders. Boxer plays a very imporntant role in the novel animal farm. His character shows the soldiers in Soviet Union, fighting until their deaths, when in fact they are manipulated by the higher rank leaders.
  • Squealer-: Is a pig who had control every animal hard works . Squealer moves in and sleep on the bed and he has a lot of food ,but no other animal sleep in the bed [that means other animal sleep in the farm]. When Squealer and Napoleon both change the seven commandments, Squealer was the one who was smart enough to make the animals (especially the dumb ones, like the sheep), to believe in what they say even though it wasn't true at all. For example, when Boxer was taken away to the horse slaughter, the animals could read the back of the truck that said, "Horse Slaughter". The animals knew that Napoleon sent Boxer to their death instead of sending him to the hospital. Then they said it wasn't a horse slaughter and some animals believed them. Throughout the book, Squealer helps Napoleon whenever they had to make changes so that they could have a better living condition.He uses propaganda and fools all the animals into believing that the pigs are trying their best to help the lives of animals on the farm.
  • Benjamin - Benjamin is one and the only donkey in the farm. He is the oldest animal in the animal farm, and he is the worst tempered. Unlike Boxer, Benjamin doesn’t like working. He didn’t change much after the rebellion, working slowly, never volunteering for extra work. He doesn’t laugh nor talk much except to Boxer who he is devoted to (Although he doesn’t admit it) "Without openly admitting it, he was devoted to Boxer; the two of them usually spent their Sundays together in the small paddock beyond the orchard." –pg.27.

  • Mr. Fredrick- Mr. Fredrick is the owner of Pinchfield, a farm neighboring the animal farm. He is one of Mr. Jones' friends. In the beginning of the story he helps Mr. Jones fight against the animals to get his farm back, but later he realizes he would be better off cooperating with Napoleon, the leader of the farm. The animal farm trades their timber for fake bank notes that Mr. Fredrick had made. He thinks the animals are not clever enough to be engaged in trade. His behavior toward the farm shows that he is greedy man and not trustworthy. “… He trusted nobody, not even Fredrick. Fredrick had wanted to pay for the timber with something called cheque, which, it seemed was a piece of paper with a promise to pay written upon it…”pg 105. “
  • Mr. Pilkington- He is the owner of Foxwood, which is the neighboring farm of the animal farm. He is one of Mr. Jones friends, and he fights against the animals in the battle of the cowshed. He is nicer and gentler than Mr. Fredrick, the owner of the neighboring farm. Using the fact that the animals like Mr. Pilkington better than Mr. Fredrick, Napoleon makes a decision to trade with Mr. Fredrick, with higher charges. After the animals realize that the money they got from Mr. Fredrick was not real, Mr. Pilkington says “Serves you right,” Since he thought he was engaged in trading with the animals. “By seeming to be friendly with Pilkington he had forced Fredrick to raise his price by twelve pounds.” Pg.105
  • Bluebell- He is one of the dogs in the animal farm. He gave birth to puppies with Jessie, but they were taken away from them and trained into guard dogs.